Refund Policy
Except with the prior registration with U AND V NEXGEN EXIM PVT LTD as B2B agents, priority partner or a franchisee, and explicit permission of U AND V NEXGEN EXIM PVT LTD to use the Website, all travel agents, tour operators, consolidators or aggregators ("Travel Agents") are barred from using this Website for any commercial or resale purpose. If any such bookings are detected, U AND V NEXGEN EXIM PVT LTD reserves the right, including without limitation, to cancel all such bookings immediately without any notice to such travel agents and also to withhold payments or any refunds thereto. U AND V NEXGEN EXIM PVT LTD shall not be held liable for any incidental loss or damage that may arise from the bookings made by any person through such Travel Agents. The liability in case of such cancellations shall be solely borne by such Travel Agents.